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Slim lasers guide

Laser lipolysis is an increasingly popular form of surgery that has recently experienced remarkable growth. Years. Companies like laser lipo with skin tightening have skyrocketed demand for their machines. Recently, with everyone from chiropractors to health clubs to spas and salons.

Questions, is a B2B business that sells these machines to numerous suppliers. The technology works provided that fat cells are burned when they come into contact with an energy level between 620 and 680 nanometers generated by laser or powerful LED light.

We discussed the technology with Edwin and he helped us create this content using laser lipolysis. Laser lipolysis is a form of liposculpture that specifically targets stubborn areas of unwanted fat. Like double chin, love handles and saddlebags. Generally referred to as “Laser Lipo”, this form of the treatment is an effective solution for the reduction of fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise. It is a minimally invasive procedure with fewer risks than conventional liposuction.

As the name suggests, laser lipolysis relies on a surgical laser to melt unwanted fat everywhere on the body or face. According to Edwin, this depends on the specifics of your procedure molten fat can be easily metabolized by the body or it can be removed by aspiration the procedure. This type of suction is used when larger amounts of grease have to be removed.

Edwin told us this in contrast to ordinary liposuction, which often requires a complete general approach.

Anesthesia, Laser Lipo can be performed while you are awake. This is a factor that reduces the

Risk of side effects. The laser lipolysis is not a solution for a large weight loss.

With Slender Lasers, the treatment is exclusively focused on localized fat deposits. Resistant to less invasive slimming measures. Because the treatment is minimally invasive, laser Lipo quickly produces the desired body shape without strong bruising and swelling caused by more invasive fat removal techniques.

Laser Lipo – is it right for you?

Laser lipolysis is an option that is worth considering for anyone who has persistent unwanted areas to get rid of fat. Ideal patients are those who have already reached or are close to a healthy person.

Body weight. Patients must have realistic expectations of the treatment effects. Laser Lipo is not the right choice for overweight people or those seeking large amounts of weight loss.

Laser lipolysis should shape the body and adjust its contours, not too big.

Quantities of overweight. Laser lipolysis is also unsuitable for pregnant women. Advice with an experienced practitioner is the best way to determine whether the procedure is or is not the right thing for you.

Laser Lipo – What results can I expect?

As a rule of thumb, you can assume that the Laser Lipo roughly removes a fat volume. The size of a closed fist. The results vary depending on whether your doctor includes this or not suction in treatment. The results are more dramatic when suction is used. Otherwise it is like this normally you will see the results six to eight weeks after the treatment. The heat emitted by the laser can also have an immediate firming and tightening effect on your skin.

Details of the Laser Lipo Process

Non-invasive laser lipolysis

When preparing for laser lipolysis, your doctor will mark the target areas of your body with a pen.

Next, a custom applicator pattern is created. You will lie on a bed and the applicators will be will be adapted to you. The patterns must rest directly on your body to ensure accurate results.

Application of the truck. The treatment starts when the lipolysis machine is activated. At the beginning of the treatment you will feel a cool feeling on your skin. This is a deliberate effect that is pleasant for you. The first part of the treatment is known as the build phase usually takes four minutes.

Once the basic treatment begins, you can alternately feel warm and cold sensations as the lasers work. This major part of the treatment lasts 21 minutes.

Invasive laser lipolysis

As above, your doctor (and/or surgeon) will mark the areas to be treated on your skin.

Local anesthetic is given to numb the treatment area. Additional anesthetic is administered through a small cut. The same incision also allows the rest of the body access to your body.

Procedure. The laser is introduced through a thin tube (cannula).

The procedure does not begin until the anaesthetic has been completely administered. Your doctor will insert this laser and start destroying fat cells. Although you are fully aware of this treatment, you are

I feel nothing but a slight feeling of pressure or tugging in the treatment area. You can feel a slightly irritating feeling of warmth if the process is continued. This is because incomplete anesthetic application. If you feel this heat, you can have your doctor stop you the procedure and use more anesthetic.


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