Mia Studio provides e-commerce tips for better online sales. Many e-commerce sites are launched every year, and many disappear quickly, either because they have been poorly designed, or because they are poorly maintained, or because they simply have not found the right product/price/supplier equation.

Is online selling interesting for your business?

For some businesses, online sales present many constraints, so it is relevant to ask yourself if a simple showcase would not be enough and would not allow you to better focus on your core business. And then… does your target audience look for you through the Internet?

Take care of your product descriptions

Two levels of attention: is the information desired by the prospect present (the width of a refrigerator is an element not to be forgotten) and are the keywords present to allow the product sheet to position itself on these keywords?

Integrate social media

Let users communicate about your products, advise them, set them aside, comment on them; and give them the final blow when the time comes. Be sexy.

Maintain a clear, up-to-date presentation

Customers want simple interfaces, with clear and visible action buttons, with different levels of information. Is this hierarchy well respected in your country?

A minimum of clicks = a maximum of sales

I think the title is explicit, the faster you get to your goal, the more satisfied you are. This means that if the information does not exist, it is not serious, but we must be able to know it (effectiveness of search engines, clarity of categorizations)

Identify your users’ habits

Set up technical means that will allow you to better understand what your users are looking for, where they stop, why; why they don’t go where you want, what are the exit pages, what are the usual paths.

I would add my little paw at this level: keep an updated table every week with clear indicators (percentage of unsuccessful searches, most consulted products, most popular category,…) and you will quickly and much better understand your shop.

Propose the right payment methods

Some people are used to paying with Paypal, via eBay, and are therefore reassured to use only one payment method and limit the risks, others, in France, prefer the check, which they find more secure, others prefer to use Google Checkout, because it is Google, and others the CB, because it is simple.

Each customer has a different way of seeing things, you have to offer everyone what it takes to reassure them and get them out of their habits as little as possible. We’re in a world of autistic people!

Invest in customer service

It is difficult in absolute terms to avoid any oddity. It is then necessary to manage them as well as possible; it is a question of (1) listening to the customer and understanding him (2) referencing his request (3) answering it as quickly as possible (4) making him want to try again the experience – promo code? – (5) create statistics on problems and solve the most common problems.

Categorize your products clearly

Here, we were talking about this earlier. It is important that users can easily find themselves in the categories to quickly find the list of products they are looking for.

Nothing is more annoying than arriving and realizing that they have changed the order of the shelves again and that we can no longer find the milk packs.