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Online Commerce Blogs To Read

It’s no secret that online commerce is a rapidly growing industry. For the year 2016, the German Retail Association estimated the sales volume in the e-commerce sector at 44 billion euros – 11 percent more than in the previous year. This means that online trade now accounts for almost 14 percent of the total trade volume in Germany.

No wonder that online merchants and e-commerce entrepreneurs have access to vast amounts of sources and content to help them set up their businesses. In the meantime, there are so many that it is easy to lose track. So where do you best start? Here are the best e-commerce blogs and online magazines you should have in your bookmarks bar.

#1 Shopify Blog

If you’re an online retailer, you probably already know Shopify as the platform that offers you all the tools you need to build an online store easily. Since Shopify has helped some 380,000 merchants build an online store, they have learned a few things about e-commerce success – and they generously share that knowledge on their blog.

There you’ll not only find inspiration for business ideas and tools to start a new business, but also financial tips and advice to become more profitable, as well as inspiring stories from entrepreneurs in online commerce.

#2 ECB – The E-Commerce Blog

“ECB – The E-Commerce Blog” is a medium for everyone who is interested in the latest developments in e-commerce and online marketing, either professionally or privately. This blog offers you not only an overview of the latest news from the world of online commerce, but also tips on Internet law and marketing strategies.

Find out what Omnichannels is all about, how to analyze your customers’ buying behavior, and what’s new with the industry’s giants. If you want to stay fully informed about online trading, you should check back here regularly.

#3 Wix Ecommerce Blog

Wix is one of the most popular web platforms for entrepreneurs who do not work in the tech field and want to build their business online. Its versatile blog has a wide range of e-commerce content: both technical – such as tips on improving website design, user experience and SEO for more sales and conversions – and content – such as e-commerce trends and success stories.

#4 Shop Operator Blog

Jurisprudence in online trade can be a waters difficult to navigate. On the shop operator blog, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the latest developments in e-commerce legislation from the legal experts at Trusted Shops. Whether on warning risks, revocation obligations, advertising mail consents, consumer protection or copyright, this blog is your source for news in e-commerce law. If you’re looking for in-depth information on judgments and laws in online commerce, you’ll also find in-depth studies and whitepapers.

#5 Magento Blog

Similar to Shopify, Magento is an e-commerce platform that gives you the ability to build customizable online stores, as well as high-quality e-commerce content. Surf to their blog to read customer stories, best practices, technical spotlights and content focused on mid-sized businesses. As a bonus, if you want to interact with them not only online but also in real life, they host dozens of events worldwide every year.

#6 t3n Magazine

t3n is not a blog but a print and online magazine, but should not be missing in this list. Here, e-commerce entrepreneurs will find well-founded and relevant news about developments in the digital economy. The magazine deals with web trends and e-business, so that every founder and e-commerce entrepreneur gets his money’s worth. With this reading you can be sure that you won’t miss anything that is important for e-commerce, social media and digital commerce.

#7 Zendesk Blog

At Zendesk, everything revolves around customer service. Their chat and support software helps companies connect with their customers and learn better from them. The Zendesk Blog offers best practice tips on customer service, leadership and operations. What does all this have to do with e-commerce? A great product isn’t everything – a good shopping experience can be very important. Especially if your target group is Millennials, you should pay special attention to this aspect, because Millennials places great value on customer experience and efficient customer service.

#8 HubSpot Blog

The purpose of marketing is ultimately conversion to sales. And HubSpot – a leading inbound sales platform – offers a lot of content to get you on the right track. As a brief reminder, inbound sales means attracting potential customers (through SEO or social media posts), while outbound means getting in touch with potential customers directly (through cold calling or email).

HubSpot focuses on the former and offers its users many indispensable free tools such as a customer relationship management system and – you guessed it – a blog. No matter what you want to learn about a specific sales or marketing topic, HubSpot has it covered in every detail. With over 200,000 newsletter subscribers, this is a train you should jump on.

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