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Why You Should Have Invisible Dog Fence

One risk, of course, is that the dog owner who installs a dog fence on his property risks being reported for a violation of the Animal Welfare Act.

In addition, your dog may be incorrectly conditioned. For example, if children walk along the property boundary, and their dog wants to greet them joyfully, but is prevented from doing so by an electric shock. As a result, he may next associate children with the painful experience and may react aggressively. The same applies to other people, cyclists, joggers, etc., of course.

An invisible dog fence is also no guarantee that your four-legged friend remains within the property boundaries. If the hunting instinct or curiosity is very strong, it is quite possible that your dog will shoot over the target. Then he suddenly stands on the wrong side of the property and gets an electric shock if he wants to get back to the “safe” side of the invisible fence.

Remember, the magnetic field always works on both sides, the “right” one and the “wrong” one. An invisible dog fence is certainly not suitable for plots of land on a busy road. A further shortcoming of this aid is that your dog is conditioned to the fence, but other dogs can enter the property without being electrocuted.

Also the consequences of an education with the help of electric current can be very fatal particularly with sensitive dogs. Under certain circumstances these dogs can retain an anxiety disorder.

Furthermore, there is no optical signal for the dog that it has reached the end of its radius of movement if it is used as an invisible fence. This can be remedied with flags or something similar. For puppies the use of an invisible dog fence is by the way not suitable at all.

Where can I get an invisible dog fence and what does it cost?

In a normal pet shop you will not get an electric or invisible dog fence. Since these, as already mentioned several times, violate in Germany against the animal protection law.

On the Internet, on the other hand, there is a wide range of products on offer in the various online shops. The most well-known manufacturer is with security the company PetSafe. The invisible dog fences are priced between 150.00 €uro and about 300 €uro. However you should pay attention here also to it, for which dogs the fence is suitable. There are the versions for large and for small (re) dog breeds.

Another supplier of invisible dog fences is Dog Trace. Also here the fences are priced between 125,00 €uro and 300,00 €uro.

The mobile invisible dog fences are more expensive by the way. The price is about 350,00 €uro.

An alternative to the electric or invisible dog fence is of course a real fence. You can either build it yourself or have it built by a professional. Furthermore you should of course practice with your dog, where the property border is. This is best done with treats and a drag line. If the dog reaches the border, he should let himself be called, no matter how exciting it is outside the property.

More alternatives to the invisible dog fence:

A mobile dog fence that can be used where it is needed.

There are also dog barriers that can be used mainly indoors to protect the dog from hazards such as stairs and to keep the dog where it should be.

Pond and swimming pool fences so that the dog doesn’t make an (unwanted) trip into the cool water.

For very small or very young dogs one can also use so-called puppy fences.

An invisible or electric dog fence is no guarantee that the dog will not exceed the boundaries of the property. Many dogs get used to the (short) electric shock after a certain time, which is why the intensity has to be increased more and more. Other dogs run even more in panic when they are “electro-shocked” and even end up with an aggression problem.

As already mentioned at the beginning, every dog owner has to decide for himself whether he wants to use an electric or invisible dog fence.

An invisible dog fence by the way does not replace a loving and consistent education in any case. The Pampered Pup gives review about selecting the best Invisible Dog Fences on their social media accounts, follow them here.



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