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Throughout the Winter Season

Lengthy nights, brief days, sparkling snowflakes as well as people dressed in cozy garments are the photos evoked by the words winter. The winter season is marked as Hemanta Ritu as well as Sisira Ritu in Ayurveda. Hemanta Ritu begins in mid-November and finishes in mid-January. This falls in the southern solstice which is called visarga Kala or dakshinayana in Ayurveda. Sisira ritu starts from mid-January and lasts till the middle of March. Sisira ritu falls in Northern solstice which is called as Aadana kaala or uttaraayana.

Winter triggers health problems when sufficient preventative measures and also precautions are not taken. However, winter seasons can be delighted to the full extent when we change our diet as well as lifestyles a little as nature desires. As we become part of nature these modifications aid us to face the seasonal changes without any major health issues.

Beat the winter season time Blues

A couple of experience a condition called Winter Time Blues. This condition precipitates symptoms like an increase in appetite, craving for sweets, chocolates, or starchy foods, weight gain, mild depression, impatience, and short temper. This problem is well-marked face to face that reside in places that experience long extreme wintertime.

In wintertime, the Agni or body fire increases with the support of data. For this reason, there will certainly be a significant boost in cravings. The regularity of food usage rises. We should keep a watch on the sort of food we take in to satisfy our cravings during the winter months. Avoid consumption of unhealthy food, too many desserts, and oil food as these bring about weight gain.

Straightforward treatments for this condition are exposing our body to sunshine, working out for half an hour, and utilizing bright light when you are inside your home

Indulge your skin throughout the winter months

During the winter season, skin can not restore its dampness normally as a result of less humidity in the air. Reduced humidity due to indoor heating, hot showers, and also bath overemphasizes this condition, and skin is bound to end up being completely dry and irritated. Dry skin tends to crack and also hemorrhage. Fractured skin loses its ability to safeguard the body and increases the threat of infection. The very best methods to maintain the skin soft, healthy as well as hydrated are

  • Avoid long warm showers and the bathroom.
  • A quick 3 minutes bath is suggested.
  • Usage moisturizing body wash.
  • Apply oil jelly on hard locations like knees, joints, and also heels.
  • Apply lip balm to prevent fracturing.
  • Twenty to half an hour of aerobic exercise 3 times a week can provide your skin with a healthy and balanced glow
  • Ayurveda emphasizes rubbing the body with oil throughout the winter season

Special look after your face

Stay clear of washing your face continuously. This washes off all-natural oils from our skin as well as makes the skin completely dry, scaly, and wrinkled. Use luke cozy water as opposed to warm water to wash your face. Apply moisturizer lotion if you feel dry skin on your skin. Apply sun display lotion to reveal parts of the body as well as the face when you head out in sunlight. To get more free tips, kindly navigate to this site for further information.

Avoiding cool and also coughing in winter.

Take in well-balanced great nutritious food, exercise thrice a week, and also rest well to keep up all-natural resistance. Avoid direct contact with those that have colds and clean your hands frequently.


Hypothermia is a drop in body temperature to 95 levels Fahrenheit or less than this. This can be deadly if not discovered without delay as well as treated effectively. Any kind of body can be the target of hypothermia. The seniors go to the highest possible risk as their bodies do not get used to the modifications in temperature levels quickly. This condition takes a few days to a couple of weeks to create. A temperature of 60F to 65 F can cause this condition
Do not attempt to deal with an individual with hypothermia in your home. Instantly move him to the health center as soon as you notice the signs and symptoms. Do not give them alcoholic beverages as well as do not offer him a hot water bath.

In Ayurveda, it is advised to consume hot water, wear cozy clothing, and stay near the fire area inside in winter to avoid this condition.


The exposed locations of the body like the face, feet, wrists, and hands are affected by frostbite. The skin on the afflicted component ends up being white, stiff, and also really feels numb.
Cozy the affected components slowly. Wrap the area with cozy garments or keep the influenced hands under the armpits and also look for medical attention instantly. Do not rub the influenced areas as it may damage the underlying tissues.

Safeguard your little toddlers from cold.

Youngsters are normally thrilled to go outside irrespective of the weather. To make certain that these tiny toddlers have a secure as well as enjoyable winter, take some basic procedures to keep them cozy as well as unharmed both inside as well as outdoors. Make sure that they remain cozy while awaiting the college bus in reduced temperature level conditions. Keep them as dry as feasible in winter and also make them put on appropriately suitable warm clothes.