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Pampering Self At Home

It’s so easy to spoil yourself at home – a tea bath skin care after work.

The day was long and the work exhausting. Often only one thing helps: Go home and do something good for yourself. Drink a cup of tea, take a bath or surround yourself with soothing colours.

Peter Oppliger, medicinal herb specialist and druggist in Lucerne for 40 years, gives tea and bath tips. Ingrid Kraaz, homeopath, colour therapist and lecturer in Munich, helps with the selection of suitable colours. And Josef Peter, electrobiologist and president of the institute for electrobiology (Ibes), explains to you, how you can let the soul dangle thereby as trouble-free as possible.

Teas to recharge your batteries

For a tea to develop its full effect, dosage and preparation must be correct.

Drogist Oppliger’s recipe: Pour one level teaspoon per cup into the pot, pour in hot water, do not steep for more than two to three minutes and sieve. In case of doubt, the expert advises: “Weak dosing is always right, strong dosing is always wrong”. Important: Never use a tea egg, because the tea herb cannot swell properly in it.

– Linden blossoms: Strengthens the immune system. “An ideal winter tea without side effects, therefore also suitable for children”, says Oppliger. If the infusion is too boring for you, you can add verbena and peppermint.

– Melissa: The universal remedy for Paracelsus, soothes before going to bed.

– Verbena: The ideal mood enhancer on a cloudy winter’s day.

– Peppermint: Works against flatulence, helps digestion.

– Green tea (dried leaves of the tea plant Camellia sinensis): Unlike the processed black tea, the full healing power is still contained: It alleviates stomach pain, increases mental performance, helps to regenerate the skin, has an anti-depressive effect and prevents tooth decay.

These colours do you good

Green is hope, red is love, blue is faithfulness, they say. And Ingrid Kraaz says:

– Green is the most calming colour. It means earthly growth, is the healing color par excellence.” That is why the walls of many hospitals are green and surgeons wear green clothes. Kraaz recommends this colour for mood swings, congestions and blockages.

– Red is the color of blood – the strongest, warmest, most invigorating color. It stimulates the metabolism and makes accumulated energies flow. Kraaz goes even further: “Red can also increase performance with well-being” – with direct light irradiation, for example.

– Blue is the coolest and purest colour. “It can calm, clarify and balance heat.” The therapist advises blue for nervous insomnia – blue bed linen or blue pyjamas.

Relax with baths

– Medicinal herbs such as lemon balm (nerve strengthening), lavender (calming) and rosemary (stimulating) can also be used for bathing. Pour hot water over three level tablespoons, leave to steep for three to five minutes and strain into the bath water.

– If you buy bath additives on the market: Either choose essential oils whose active ingredients you can inhale. Or extracts from pure medicinal plants – but not oil baths from almond or paraffin oil, for example. “Oil blocks pores and prevents skin cleansing,” says Oppliger. “If it’s oil, it’s good massage oil after a bath.”

As a general rule, do not bathe too hot and do not stay in the water for longer than twenty minutes.

Avoid electrosmog

Electrosmog can reduce your well-being. Josef Peter:

– “Electrical appliances don’t belong in the bedroom.” Otherwise switch off the devices completely after use – i.e. no stand-by mode.

– Buy bedside lamps with incandescent bulbs. They are better than energy-saving or halogen lamps, which can generate strong magnetic fields.

– Choose battery-powered clock radios. Those with cables should be at least one meter away from the head. “This applies to all electrical appliances,” says Peter.

– Metal bedsteads and spring mattresses with metal springs are unfavourable for electrosensitive people.

– Dimmers can build up strong magnetic fields. Place the light controller as far away from resting places as possible.

– Use cord telephones at home. Wireless telephones can cause strong, high-frequency fields.

– When watching television, keep at least two meters away from the device. Then ventilate the room.


Everyday life has us all firmly under control and we increasingly yearn for small oases of peace and relaxation. But be honest, even if you have a little time, do you really take it for granted? Or is the good old “To-Do-List” being digged out and worked off?

In order to calm your bad conscience, you decide to take a short wellness trip once a year, which then disappears into the abyss for scheduling or cost reasons. A wellness day or even a pampering weekend does not have to be expensive. And above all, you don’t have to travel for it! Simply turn your own apartment into your personal wellness oasis and use some DIY tips from us.


You can really enjoy your recreation weekend if you prepare it and have everything you need on site. A perfect wellness day begins in peace and relaxed. Sleep in, enjoy breakfast and take your time. Create a positive, relaxing atmosphere for yourself. Recommended are candles, essential oils and soothing music (if AC/DC calms you down, then AC/DC too).

You can choose scented candles and essential oils to suit your mood:

If you are stressed, nervous and tense, soothing lavender or vanilla is the best choice.

Orange fragrance for cheerfulness and good mood.

Lemongrass has an invigorating and refreshing effect.

The TV, the smartphone and anything else that might disturb your peace will be banned on the pampering weekend. Now you’re ready to go. The following pampering rituals will turn your home into a wellness temple in no time at all!


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