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Opening a Cleaning Company

Whether you want to start your own business as a cleaner or set up a small cleaning company – the right planning and preparation is essential to get off to a successful start. You can find information and tips on how to set up your own cleaning company here. So you can get your first orders for your own cleaning company!

Requirements to open a cleaning company

For the foundation of a cleaning company it is not necessary that you have a sound qualification or even a master’s degree. However, it is an advantage if you have completed training as a cleaning technician.

Because all the experience you have already gained in this field – both professionally and personally – is useful for the successful foundation of a cleaning company. Because if you are technically and economically familiar with certain services, this prior knowledge makes it easier for you to start your own business – and gives you support for the first important decision that you have to make to set up your cleaning company:

Determine the direction of your new cleaning company

As a cleaner, you are responsible for keeping your customers’ property or rooms clean. There are numerous fields of activity in which you can specialise if you become self-employed in the field of building cleaning: For example, you are free to take over the cleaning of private households or commercial premises such as offices, clinics or industrial companies. Or you can focus on cheap cleaning services Singapore facades, glass fronts and windows. You can also set up a company that specialises in cleaning textiles and carpets.

You should then consider how you can differentiate your cleaning service from that of your competitors. Here you do not necessarily have to have an unusual idea for your cleaning company. However, it is part of the art of product positioning that your service appears unique from the customer’s point of view – for example with an unbeatable price or an innovative cleaning process. Discount campaigns or a free cleaning consultation can also be a strategic means to stand out from the competition of cleaning companies. Examples of this can be found in the offers of AMB Geb√§udereinigung or Medical Clean Management.

Use your market analysis to determine which location is suitable for your business premises and which customers you would like to address. In this context, you should consider the pros and cons of whether your cleaning company’s service should be aimed at private individuals or commercial companies:

Private households vs. companies

Keep in mind that the work organisation and planning of your start-up company is significantly influenced by your clients: Depending on whether you accept orders for cleaning from commercial or private customers, you will have to manage your cleaning company differently, for example with regard to personnel planning.

Arranging the financing of your cleaning company

In addition to the equipment you need for cleaning, you need to budget for other costs to open your cleaning company – such as your accounting or your staff. All of these are included in your financial plan to check the financial feasibility of your commercial project in advance. Make sure that the foundation of your cleaning company is solidly financed. And consider also financial bottlenecks, which can arise straight at the beginning of your independence.

You can build your company financing on various sources of money

The state supports start-ups with financial subsidies. Further capital can be financed for example by banks. Private lenders can also help you financially (e.g. via Auxmoney). With our free financing calculator you can determine your options directly online and with only a few details.

Inform the responsible authorities about the opening of your cleaning company
Finally, you must officially announce your business start-up to the authorities: If you want to set up a cleaning company, it is sufficient to apply for a trade licence at the local trade office.

In addition to the key data of your new cleaning company, you should also specify as precisely as possible the services you would like to offer in the future. Also relevant for business registration is whether you are going to set up your own business as a cleaning employee or whether you are setting up a cleaning company with several managing directors and employees. The trade office notifies the tax office as well as your trade association and the chamber of industry and commerce about your trade and you can start with your cleaning company.

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