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More great card games

If you are a friend of fast paced games, then poker is not for you. Often rounds last longer than 2 hours. If, on the other hand, you enjoy strategy – and don’t have anything else to do with it during the night anyway – then poker is the perfect grip.

You miss UNO? You are right! Because UNO is definitely the classic that always goes. But I wanted to give you some creative options that you might not know. Besides UNO there are also similar variations like Solo. With Dos even a successor should appear soon!

I also think Exploding Kittens, the card game variant of Russian Roulette, is funny. The design is in the sweet Sarakastischen cartoon look.

Frost: Survival as the only goal in new frosty survival card game

The developers in the App Store always come up with completely new, innovative game ideas. This also applies to the new Frost card game.

Frost (App Store link) can be purchased for 3.99 euros from the German App Store and requires at least iOS 6.0 and 354 MB of free disk space to be installed on an iPhone or iPad. According to the developers, an iPhone 5c or an iPad 4 or newer is required for use. A German localization is not yet available for the game, which was released on September 26th of this year, so you have to make do with the English language.

The developers of Frost, Studio des Ténèbres, report on their website and in the App Store about the influences of their new iOS game, namely other deck-based card games like Dominion and Ascension. Frost can be played in a single-player mode, in which the user represents a group of people seeking protection in a giant, deadly blizzard.

The associated resources, weapons, ideas, dangers and regions are represented by maps and must be used wisely by the player. Each game begins with a limited set of resources in the deck, consisting of food, materials, fatigue, and survivors. The primary goal is to reach the sanctuary by traveling through many places. There are more resources to progress from one region to the next – but at the same time you’ll be confronted with encounters like wolf packs or other groups of people.

Ideas create unexpected twists in the game

Idea cards, which produce powerful effects or useful tools, help in the fight for survival. They are of great importance, because the storm is always on the back of the neck of your own group of fleeing enemies. If the Frost Counter eventually reaches zero due to a lack of travel effort, the game is over.

In addition to the tricky gameplay, which demands profound decisions from the player more than once and demands tactical skill, it is above all the great graphics from Frost that make for a great gaming experience. In pale blue and grey tones and with sketch-like environments and illustrations, Frost is also aesthetically a small masterpiece.

If you don’t want to play Frost under iOS, but rather on a desktop computer, you can find versions for Windows, macOS and Linux on the website of the developers, which are available for 6.99 USD each.

Concept of the Skat Game

The Skat game is a card game that can be played by three or more people. The individual games are played by a single player and 2 opponents.

The Skat game was developed in Altenburg (Thuringia) at the beginning of the 19th century and has developed from older card games in its present form to the most popular and most widespread German card game. Today Skat is played all over the world.

Two concealed, separately laid cards, called Skat for short, gave it its name.

In all cases the single player (single player) is entitled to the Skat. In the games with skat recording, the single player picks up the two skat hands (see A2.2), places any two cards on them (pushes them) and then determines the game.

In the hand games the Skat remains unused during the game. So the single player has only his 10 hand cards at his disposal. The single player can, whether he takes the Skat or not, choose a suit as his trump card, but he can also declare a Grand or a Zero.

In order to win, the single player must reach at least 61 points in a colour or grandeur game, in a zero game he may not win a trick. A trick consists of one card each of forehand, middle hand and hindquarters, which must also be played in this order. It is complete when all 3 cards are on the table. It belongs to the player with the highest card of that suit when the suit is played out, but in the case of a stabbing, it belongs to the player with the highest trump card (trump goes over bad suit), in accordance with the rules on serving (see A3.2). If a trump is played from the outset, the trick belongs to the player who played the highest trump card.

You see, the possibilities are limitless. Visit to find out more card games. Let me know your favorites!

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