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McDonalds Menu Analysis

While they will not confess, lots of people like McDonalds. They likewise love their health, but though they know that extreme McDonalds usage isn’t great for them, they eat it anyhow. This short article analyses the dietary info provided on the McDonalds internet site as well as finds that McDonald’s variety of hen sandwiches often tend to be much healthier than those containing beef.

Resource Information

There is a pdf documents including nutritional info on McDonalds’ Food selection on the McDonalds web site. I have actually presumed that the dietary values are the same for each and every country, though some pals have told me that American sections are bigger than UK sections.

I made use of PDF To Excel to convert the pdf menu to Excel, and then made use of standard arranging features to aid me recognize the most effective and also worst sandwiches.


The very first thing I saw, as I started to sort the data, was 2 problems:

What defines healthy and balanced?
The sandwich sizes differ a great deal.
In terms of “healthy and balanced”, some people may be minimizing calories, while others might be reducing fats. As an example, a person who does a great deal of exercise would certainly require a great deal of calories, while a person that is trying to lose weight would certainly intend to cut down.

Individuals in basic try to reduce down on saturated fats, cholesterol as well as salt. So in my search for the healthiest products, I searched for those with the most affordable saturated fat, cholesterol and also sodium degrees.

Hydrogenated fat

Top 5

Premium Grilled Poultry Classic Sandwich
Southern Design Crispy Poultry Sandwich
Costs Grilled Poultry Cattle Ranch BLT Sandwich

Bottom 5

Dual Quarter Pounder with Cheese
Angus Bacon and also Cheese
Angus Mushroom and Swiss
Angus Deluxe
Quarter Pounder with Cheese


Chipotle BBQ Snack Wrap
Honey Mustard Snack Wrap
Rank Snack Cover


Dual Quarter Pounder with Cheese
Angus Bacon & Cheese
Angus Mushroom & Swiss
Angus Deluxe
Quarter Pounder with Cheese

Mac Snack Wrap
Quarter Pounder
Huge N Tasty


Angus Bacon & Cheese
Angus Deluxe
Costs Grilled Poultry Ranch BLT Sandwich
Costs Grilled Poultry Club Sandwich
Costs Poultry Cattle Ranch BLT Sandwich

In regards to saturated fats, the Hen burgers seem healthiest, with the Premium Grilled Poultry Classic Sandwich in the lead. The larger beef sandwiches include one of the most hydrogenated fats, though this can be mainly as a result of the inclusion of cheese. Note that the hamburger makes it into the leading 5 due to its little dimension. To learn more information on the franchise go to

The items with the least cholesterol are led by the hamburger. Once more this is due to its size. Next come the treat covers, which again are tiny. If not for the treat covers, the poultry items would be in the lead. Again, the most awful challengers are the beef products, with the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese being the most awful.

Pertaining to Sodium, I discover it shocking that the Quarter Pounder as well as Big N Tasty make the top 5, as beef products were the unhealthiest in regards to Saturated Fat and also Cholesterol. The highest possible sodium sandwiches are Chicken sandwiches, but a closer examination reveals that they all consist of bacon, which is high in salt.


Size seems a crucial consider my findings. If you want to eat less of anything, you require to consume less overall. Only eating a tiny sandwich will leave an individual starving, as well as might create them to treat. This will defeat the purpose of trying to be healthy.

Diners interested in their hydrogenated fat or cholesterol consumption ought to stay clear of beef burgers with cheese, and also choose among the poultry sandwiches.

Those that want to minimize their salt intake should select items without bacon.


After analysing McDonalds’ menu, I wrap up that the healthiest sandwiches are the smaller sized ones. Nevertheless, this will not please many individuals’ appetites.

Those with bigger cravings should probably choose sandwiches including chicken but no bacon. They need to prevent the larger beef hamburgers which contain cheese.

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