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How do I keep my driver’s license

It’s not as hard to get a driver’s license, You just need K53 Learner Test . Many novice drivers will be shocked by the number of offences for which you can lose the hard-earned crust in a flash.

There is a myth among motorists that the traffic police inspector will take the driver’s license only in case of drunk driving. Prove it, too! Some will remember two more white lines, which are strictly forbidden to cross. However, the reasons why drivers are usually deprived of the right to drive a car are about 30! And most of them are not even guessed by motorists. Let’s take a look at the most popular ones.

Reason one: The number’s out of place.

You will have to turn into a pedestrian for one to three months if you are detained for driving without a license plate. Of course, we are not talking about cars that have just left the showroom. The law gives them ten days for registration. However, if the owner of a new car is unable to register it for two weeks, he must be prepared to be punished.

The option of keeping the number under the windshield because there is no screwdriver to screw it on will not save it, even if the license plate is well read by everyone around. According to the law, it must be fixed in a place intended for this purpose. What to do if a number is lost or missing, we wrote in our last article.

It’s also the place where the fans come up with various tricks to avoid a fine from the cameras of photo and video recording of violations. Curtains, nets and other tricky devices will most likely not save you from them, but the traffic police inspector will simply deprive you of your rights for this device.

The same punishment will be imposed on those drivers who decided to “correct” the numbers. It is enough to arm yourself with a marker or paint, or to smear part of the letter with a piece of dirt. It would seem that pampering! However, for such jokes you can be deprived of the right to drive in one moment (for the term from six months to one year).

And in this case, it is not necessary to catch the offender in the act of red-handedness. Information about false numbers, if they will be recorded by the camera, will be transferred to the operators, who will be engaged in finding out the identity of the car owner. With the current level of equipment to do it quite simply.

The second reason is the desire for speed.

Speaking of cameras, many motorists will be surprised by the fact that it is possible to get not only a fine for violation of speed limits, but also to say goodbye to the rights (if the fact is recorded by the inspector personally).

If the speed of the car exceeded 60 km/h, the driver at best will pay 2-2.5 thousand rubles to the budget, at worst – to lose the driver’s license for 4 to 6 months. I have exceeded by 80 km/h, pay – 5 thousand or walk without a license for six months. If the driver-lihach has not learnt a lesson and again has got on the same offence, term of deprivation of the licence will be automatically increased twice.

Reason three: Going to the rendezvous

According to the statistics, driving on the oncoming traffic lane is second only to speeding in terms of the number of violations. And surprisingly enough, a double solid driver can also be fined for crossing the lane.

However, it is true that 5 thousand roubles is not too small, but it is better than to part with the license for at least four months. The penalty will only be imposed on violators who have been caught in the crosshairs of the cameras. If the traffic police inspector personally recorded the crossing of a solid line, the driver will be suspended from the wheel for a period of 4 to 6 months. In case of a similar violation again – for the whole year.

Reason four: “brick” is not a decree

In large cities, one-way traffic is not uncommon – it helps to relieve the city from traffic jams. But how does it prevent some drivers who have to drive around a few blocks to reach the office or home?

Particularly lazy do not hesitate to drive under the “brick” and jump a couple of hundred meters in the opposite direction. Is it worth the risk, because for this offense traffic police inspector can leave you without a driver’s license for 4-6 months. And if you go in the wrong direction again – for the whole year.

Reason five: Ride in front of the train

You’re late for a meeting, so you decided not to stand in a half an hour at a railroad crossing? In vain! For the next meeting you will probably go by taxi. For the passage of the railway tracks outside the crossing, on the red traffic light or under the sinking barrier will be taken away for 3-6 months.

And for mountain-extremals in the rules there is a point concerning the stop and parking on the railway tracks (although a sensible person will not do this exactly). For this violation, the court can easily only the driver’s license for the whole year.


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