General Angela B. Clyne  

Financial Liberation Strategies and Investment

As workers plan for one more routine yearly party on May 1, 2010, one is apt to make inquiries: all these years that you have been working for money, have you, for some time, asked yourself, “what has my income truly provided for me?”

You get gas to load your container, that is if you have an automobile, and make Total’s, Oando’s, AP’s as well as Mobil’s financiers abundant.

Exactly how about your car insurance policy? The insurance companies know they can not do without you. You are their income since you need to access at least a third-party insurance coverage for your auto, especially since automobile assessment officers (VIO) are having a field day accumulating income from transgressors via the financial institutions.

In fact, you are also making the banks abundant with your income or savings account domiciled in financial institutions while financiers have shares in excellent banking stocks going house with all the cash – ape de work baboon de slice. Obviously, that is since the baboon takes his time to buy expertise, understanding when the monkey has actually finished dissipating power working as well as retiring with nothing.

The weather condition modifications and your kids require medicines; also you require medicines as well and also the medicine companies maintain making money season in and period out of you – to pay capitalists. When will you be freed from this enslavement? Don’t consider it! It is even worse when you retire, get terminated, or are required to retire.

Your freedom can only make good sense when your income is coming, no matter just how tiny you start a financial investment portfolio. The majority of individuals favor starting when they have retired and think they will after that have the moment. How can you manage money when you never did trial and error when you had the capacity to take the danger and also make errors in active duty?

Don’t Utilize Your Salary To Make Others Rich

Workers’ day, workers’ problem! You have actually become the most effective customer stock the firms on the Exchange understand. You consume food, take beverages, and also consume alcohol milk, and also soft drinks. You wind up making the food as well as beverage companies abundant and also maintain their investors grinning to the bank with your money.

Leventis bread (Worth), UTC, UAC or RichToast bread, Mr. Biggs’, Unilever’s Close-up and Omo detergent, Nestle’s Magi and also Milo, and so on. All these points eat your income each day while financiers in these companies on the Exchange maintain smiling with their pockets full. Even in an economic downturn, they keep obtaining reward pay cheques, regardless of just how tiny. For additional tips and information, please check their website right here!

You even spend money disposing of your waste while banks that collect earnings from the Lagos state government make all the earnings. Also when you pay tax obligations, a financier is generating income indirectly. What a lifework – benefiting others to appreciate!

Just how to Increase Your Wage

Someone acquires cement, paints, and also other materials to build a home. You stay in your home as well as pay rent; you make the concrete and paint companies like BCC and also Flour Mill financiers really abundant. Flour Mill and also BCC just made their investors abundant by over 300% even when you, as a worker, were hectically suffering the stock exchange disaster as well as a decline to spend.

Flour Mill grew from N14.00 in 2009 to concerning N80.00 even before the middle of 2010 from you eating all the Semovita and also loaves of bread produced from their flour. What an employee’s life! A life full of expenses, making others rich at the expense of their future. I have actually declared to myself that I will never ever sign up with the crowd of inefficient capitalists whose pay plan is eaten by the day-to-day operations of their life. No financial investment, no planning, no prep work.