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Event Fully Booked Tips

Imagine you organize an event and everyone goes there. Unfortunately, this is a rare scenario, because gaining attention, visibility and participants for your our team event is a big challenge. Remember, when our team was called OpenBC, networking events were the absolute insiders’ tip. We at our team invited people to our events and 400 guests came without us having to do more than stop the event at our team.

Making business contacts, getting to know like-minded people in an uncomplicated way, doing something at business level in the evening – that was something completely new and special. Networking events have contributed to the success of our team, because the opportunity to make virtual business contacts into lasting personal contacts works particularly well at our team.
But networking has become the standard. Due to the large number of events on offer, most users find evaluation difficult. This ultimately leads to a lack of interest on the part of potential participants, who prefer to make themselves comfortable on the couch instead of fighting their way through the jungle of events.

So it’s almost impossible to win large crowds with a our team event. The reach has definitely decreased. I’ll give you 5 tips on how to get your event noticed.

Tip 1: Make readers curious about your event

An exciting headline, an informative text, an attractive background image and a small preview image are intended to arouse the reader’s curiosity. Use the bold, italic, listing and numbering formats offered by our team. You can also include images in your description. The short description of the event is particularly important. Try to include everything important and interesting in the 200 possible characters. You will get the best visibility if you create your event as a “public event”. You can create an event directly on our team and then link it to our team Events. By the way, I always recommend combining an event with our team Events. Even if your event is free, it makes sense to offer tickets. This reduces the now-show rate from 50% to 30% (for free tickets) or to 15% (for paid tickets). our team Events tickets for free events are now also free of charge.

If you set up your business event from our team Events, Haylan Events and subsequently connect it to our team, you have additional options. For example, you can determine the URL of your event yourself, add modules to the event page and have additional features (e.g. affiliates, viral recommendation or pre-registration).

Tip 2: Additional options through “Event Plus” payment service

Event Plus gives your our team event improved visibility. For example, it will be displayed as a “recommendation on the pages of similar events”, but will not itself be affected by recommendations from other events. You can also view the visitors to your event page (and write a our team message if necessary). With the new our team “contact person” function, you can provide even more targeted information and even upload documents (flyers, schedules, etc.).

Especially valuable is the function to link to other websites. You can include links to partners, speakers, your own website or our team profiles in the event description.

I always book Event Plus for our team (25 Euro per event/per month) to make my event more professional. Visualized and downloadable event statistics round off the additional services offered by Event Plus.

Tip 3: Take your guests seriously

Your guests aren’t stupid. Free presentations or webinars that end up aiming at an overpriced consulting service or content material that must be purchased at all costs, and that are purely promotional or aggressive, annoy your our team contacts. Even though salespeople are obviously still being preached this procedure, our team members are annoyed about this sales pitch and click on the spam button.

Tip 4: How to Invite Your Contacts

After creating an event, you have various options for inviting guests. Option 1: You invite individuals and target groups. You can define these in a free text field. Option 2: You invite groups or contact categories. If it is a group event, you can invite your entire group or – previously tagged categories. Very important: Be sure to pay attention to relevance! As a rule, a contact in Hamburg does not want to be invited to a regional event in Berlin. If you simply invite all your contacts here unfiltered, you will quickly be punished and blocked as an event spammer.

You should also make an effort with the invitation text. Avoid yawning boring phrases like: “Herewith I invite you to my event”.

Some sales people associate a warm congratulation on your birthday with a “gift”: a free invitation to a mega-heavy webinar. This is just a dishonest sales ploy. You won’t win any participants.

Tip 5: Advertise your event on our team

With our team, you have many ways to draw attention to your event. Use the “Share” button to share your event in your activities or as a personal message. Please do not simply recommend the link, but always formulate an exciting text. our team members will find the link in their profile or under “News”. Also ask your contacts for a recommendation, because this way the event can also spread virally on our team.

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